Conserving Samoa's Natural Heritage

Executive Committee

The 2020 SCS Executive is as follows.

President: Leilani Duffy

Vice President: James Atherton

Secretary: Faleafaga Toni Tipama’a

Treasurer: Kelly Knights

Executive Committee: Olsen Va’afusuaga, Roberta Faasavalu, Ateca Silatolu & Steve Brown

Message from the President

The Samoa Conservation Society (SCS) or ‘Socaiete Fa’asoa o Samoa’ turned five years on July 1, 2018. Since our beginnings in 2013 we have grown to be an active and well recognised Samoan environmental NGO. Our mission to conserve Samoa’s natural heritage becomes more critical every year as our biodiversity continues to be impacted by a battery of threats from invasive species, habitat degradation, pollution and the over harvest of natural resources and climate change.

Our main goal in 2018 is to engage more with our members; to have more events and activities to encourage more “green” behaviour. We hope our members will consider how their lifestyle impacts on the environment; to consider carefully the impacts of our daily behaviour, our shopping preferences, our travel patterns, our use of resources, how we manage waste, and whether we try to reduce or offset our carbon and energy footprints. The future of Samoa is in all our hands. Collectively we can try our best to manage our impacts and to create a sustainable world, or we can be complacent and watch as environmental threats mount up until they become unmanageable.

As optimists we believe our future is bright, but we will need to make some small sacrifices in the way we live our lives, to reduce our environmental impact on our vulnerable island nation.

We encourage you to join us for the sake of all Samoa’s creatures, now and in the future!

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