Conserving Samoa's Natural Heritage

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Samoa Conservation Society Members and Friends Get-Together – June 13th, Plant a Tree for Life!

WifitreeO2We are planning our first SCS Members Get-Together in June and we invite all our members, their families and friends to join us at the Mt Vaea National Reserve in Vailima. A programme is being put together and will be shared as soon as it is completed.

“Imagine if trees gave free wifi. We’d all be planting like crazy. It’s a pity they only give us the oxygen we breathe.”

Come and make some oxygen by planting a tree. Together we can build a forest that can fuel the nation.

For more information contact us –

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Celebrating World Oceans Day on 8th June!

transparent_background (1)  Help the Ocean, Save the Planet!

The World Oceans Day, held every June 8th, is the UN-recognised day of ocean celebration and action. People all over our blue planet organize celebrations – which can be a huge event in your community, a special announcement, or anything in between – to support action to protect the ocean. This year, the theme is Healthy oceans, healthy planet,and we’re making a special effort to stop plastic pollution.

If you have an event for this World Oceans Day, please share it with the Samoa Conservation Society, and we will be happy to support it. Our Samoa Conservation Society theme in support of this special day is “TRUE BLUE against PLASTIC“. This reflects the fact that we want our Pacific ocean to remain the blue ocean as it is known and seen, and that we are against plastic floating around our waters or being dumped in the sea.

For more information about this day please see The World Oceans Day website:

Happy World Oceans Day!

True Blue against Plastic!

Stunningly Blue Linckia starfish is against Plastic in the Ocean!

True Blue against Plastics!

Ocean Blue provides ideal backdrop and support service to our marine life! Let’s keep Samoa’s see true blue!

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Coral tree blooms for the birds!

The cool mornings especially up on the hills in Apia should provide a perfect opportunity for spotting a few of the native birds flocking to feed on the blooming coral tree.

How to spot a Coral tree should be easy by following their bright petals littering the forest floor, or simply listening to the songs and callings of the Wattled Honeyeater, Cardinal Honeyeater or the Samoan Lory.

Perfect place to see them would be the path near the Forestry Division along the SPREP road, where three big Coral trees are flowering. See it between 6.30-9.00 am or even in the afternoon. You will need some binoculars for a close and personal encounter, otherwise just come and listen to their calls.

Do let us know if you find some interesting nature based actions in your neck of the woods.

Erythrina variegata

Coral tree blooming in the Mt Vaea Reserve

Erythrina variegata

Close up of the Coral Tree flower!