Conserving Samoa's Natural Heritage

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Samoa Conservation Society Open Day – a hit with the Forest Heroes!

Mt Vaea was alive with green activities as the Samoa Conservation Society held their open day on Saturday 13 June.

Over 50 society members, their families and friends gathered to celebrate the Society and contributed to efforts by the Government and partners to restore the Mt Vaea Reserve.

The Mt Vaea Reserve was established in 1978, one of the first in the country, is a popular tourist spot due to its close proximity to town, the tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson and its cultural placement in the oral history of Samoa.

“We are very pleased with the turnout today. This is our first major event and I’m very happy that many parents came and brought their children”, says Sala Josephine Stowers-Fiu, President of the Samoa Conservation Society.

“It is a good day for the forest and for our efforts to support the Government restore our national heritage. We need to continue conservation efforts in all our communities, such as planting of trees in order to regenerate the forests. The trees are the lungs of the earth, and everyone on this planet need this”, she adds.

The Samoa Conservation Society is a local environment NGO that is working to save the Manumea, Samoa’s national bird. The Manumea requires good forest to survive and this is one of the aim of the Society is to save Samoan species by saving forests and working with communities to protect them.

Members were able to plant over two-hundred native plants to replace the invasive trees that have taken over much of the Mt. Vaea Reserve. Five tree species have taken over the Mt Vaea.

“These invasive trees are fast growing, they replace our native species”, says James Atherton, SCS member and organiser of the event.

“To restore this Reserve requires all of our help, and the Society and its members are pleased to contribute in a small way towards a big task”, he adds.

“I’m really pleased that I brought my children to Mt Vaea and they got a chance to plant native species. My daughter planted nine trees”, says Leatigaga Mark Bonin.

The children were not left idle, as they were split into three teams to explore some of the species. Team Forest Heroes and Conservation Avengers did some challenging activities including identifying tree species and learning more about what is a native species and what is not.

The Samoa Conservation Society will be holding another activity next month and welcome all the members of the public to join them. A fun quiz night is being planned and there will be plenty of conservation information to help everyone become a Samoan environment hero.

SCSPrezOfficer SCSPresident SCSkids4 SCSKids3 SCSKids SCSgroupshot SCSkid1_Punka Simi SCSGreg Sherley SCSForestHeros SCS_Teuila Hall SCS_planters2 SCS_kids2 Mishaela Bonin IMG_0940

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40 kilos of rubbish on World Oceans Day!

Members of the Samoa Conservation Society collected 40 kilograms of rubbish along the Taumeasina foreshore yesterday afternoon. This was part of the World Oceans Day celebrations, where the global community undertake various activities to commemorate the importance of oceans in our lives and our planet. The theme of Healthy Ocean, Healthy Planet remains a challenge if the amount of rubbish that was collected is an indication of how things are like.

The Samoa Conservation Society teamed up with SPREP (Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme) and the Pualele Outrigger Canoe Club to action this initiative. This is part of a regional campaign where SPREP is trying to measure and determine the origin of most of the rubbish or marine litter in the Pacific.

From observations yesterday, most of the rubbish were bottle tops from soft-drinks and beer and cigarette butts. Broken bottles and glass were also very common, as were bits of styrofoam cups and plates that are used for take away food and coffee.

The activity shows that there is a need for a campaign to stop people from discarding their rubbish, however small, on our environment, especially near coastal areas where king-tides are known to occur. These rubbish will end up in the sea and will affect marine life and eventually will affect us. We all want a healthy planet, a healthy Pacific Ocean and healthy communities. For this to occur – it needs to start with us.

Have a great World Oceans Day and we would like to thank all our members that joined us for this event. Look forward to your support and attendance at the Mt Vaea National Park Families & Friends Day this Saturday 13th June, 2015.


World Oceans Day 2015 clean-up at Taumeasina


James Atherton showing some of the rubbish collected


Stuart Young happy collecting rubbish at World Oceans Day!


Trashing it away!


Weighing the rubbish haul from World Oceans Day!


Some of the SCS members volunteering for the World Oceans Day!


Some of the rubbish collected for the World Oceans Day activity


Mel Bradley showing the bottle caps collected. Bottle caps were the most common litter along the beach-front


One of our volunteers recording the various rubbish collected for World Oceans Day

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Celebrating World Oceans Day – members welcome!

transparent_background (1)

On June 8th – everyone will be Celebrating the World Oceans Day! The theme of the Day is Healthy Ocean, Healthy Planet. We would like to be part of this celebrations and we invite you and your families to join us.

Our Ocean: The Pacific Ocean is our life. It is the source of our inspirations and our cultures. It is the sacred burial ground of the footprints of our fore-parents during their journey of discovery of the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

 Today, the sacred burial ground of our fore-parents is being challenged by the threats created by us and by those beyond our Pacific Ocean. 

This Monday – June 8th, we invite you to Taumeasina for an hour of your time to help clean up the Bay area. We will work in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the Pualele Outrigger Canoe Club to celebrate the World Oceans Day. We start at 1.00-2.00 pm – all the equipment will be provided – just your presence and enthusiasm needed. If you need information about how to get there or more about World Oceans Day – please do not hesitate to contact Posa Skelton (tel. 7651028).

 Thank you and counting on your support for this great event. 


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Samoa Conservation Society Members and Friends Get-Together – June 13th, Plant a Tree for Life!

WifitreeO2We are planning our first SCS Members Get-Together in June and we invite all our members, their families and friends to join us at the Mt Vaea National Reserve in Vailima. A programme is being put together and will be shared as soon as it is completed.

“Imagine if trees gave free wifi. We’d all be planting like crazy. It’s a pity they only give us the oxygen we breathe.”

Come and make some oxygen by planting a tree. Together we can build a forest that can fuel the nation.

For more information contact us –

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Celebrating World Oceans Day on 8th June!

transparent_background (1)  Help the Ocean, Save the Planet!

The World Oceans Day, held every June 8th, is the UN-recognised day of ocean celebration and action. People all over our blue planet organize celebrations – which can be a huge event in your community, a special announcement, or anything in between – to support action to protect the ocean. This year, the theme is Healthy oceans, healthy planet,and we’re making a special effort to stop plastic pollution.

If you have an event for this World Oceans Day, please share it with the Samoa Conservation Society, and we will be happy to support it. Our Samoa Conservation Society theme in support of this special day is “TRUE BLUE against PLASTIC“. This reflects the fact that we want our Pacific ocean to remain the blue ocean as it is known and seen, and that we are against plastic floating around our waters or being dumped in the sea.

For more information about this day please see The World Oceans Day website:

Happy World Oceans Day!

True Blue against Plastic!

Stunningly Blue Linckia starfish is against Plastic in the Ocean!

True Blue against Plastics!

Ocean Blue provides ideal backdrop and support service to our marine life! Let’s keep Samoa’s see true blue!

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Coral tree blooms for the birds!

The cool mornings especially up on the hills in Apia should provide a perfect opportunity for spotting a few of the native birds flocking to feed on the blooming coral tree.

How to spot a Coral tree should be easy by following their bright petals littering the forest floor, or simply listening to the songs and callings of the Wattled Honeyeater, Cardinal Honeyeater or the Samoan Lory.

Perfect place to see them would be the path near the Forestry Division along the SPREP road, where three big Coral trees are flowering. See it between 6.30-9.00 am or even in the afternoon. You will need some binoculars for a close and personal encounter, otherwise just come and listen to their calls.

Do let us know if you find some interesting nature based actions in your neck of the woods.

Erythrina variegata

Coral tree blooming in the Mt Vaea Reserve

Erythrina variegata

Close up of the Coral Tree flower!

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Cast your vote for our SCS Patron!

Your Samoa Conservation Society is looking for a Patron! We are calling for all SCS members to help us select from these four worthy candidates. A brief biography is provided for each candidate to help you in your decision. You have until Good Friday 3 April to cast your vote. Please send your vote to copy the Secretary (


  1. Vaasilifiti Moelagi Jackson: President Samoa Red Cross Society | Chair Global Climate Change Alliance | Co-Founder SUNGO | Co-Founder Women in Business | Founder Faasao Savaii | Awarded National Teuila Award | Awarded National Environmentalist of the Year | International Green Leaf Award | Robert Louis Stevenson Foundation Community Award.
  2. Tuiloma Neroni Slade: Former Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum | Former Attorney General of Samoa | Samoan Ambassador to USA | Permanent representative to the UN judge of the International Criminal Court | Chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States | Awarded the Elizabeth Haub for Environmental Diplomacy; Awarded the Elisabeth Mann Borgese Medal on Global Oceans Leadership | Awarded the Order of Samoa.
  3. Tuala Sale Tagaloa Kerslake: Former Minister of Lands, Surveys and Environment | Knowledgeable on environment issues | May have time for this role | Quiet mana
  4. Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Tupuola Tufuga Efi: Head of State | Former Prime Minister | Served Samoa for last 50 years | Well established international, regional and national recognition and is known as a beacon of love and care for Samoa’s natural heritage | Known for his work and contributions to education, social development and leadership | Published many books and articles on Samoan history.

See the attachment for images of the patrons.


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Vacancy – SCS Officer

The Samoa Conservation Society is looking to employ a dynamic and multi-skilled person to oversee the development and implementation of the Society’s activities. The preferred person will have experience working with communities, sound knowledge of conservation management, strong communication and reporting skills.

A minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or a related field, and/or at least 3 years work experience. Fluent in Samoan and English is required.

Appointment is for one year (renewal subject to performance and availability of funds). Sal. WST$25,000.

Please add the Application Criteria (scs_OfficerVacancy_ApplicationForm). To apply, submit the application explaining how you meet the selection criteria. Please also include your CV and contact details of three referees. Applications close on Friday March 6th, 2015. Email: with your application form, or drop off at the SCS office c/Conservation International Office in Vailima.